Werewolf the Apocalypse

Fourth Game

Conn Morna and Chrys-anthemum reached Rank 2.

Mother Larissa led her entire Sept and others into a battle to destroy a Pentex center. (silicone reference anyone?)

Gave Mother Larissa a head of an unknown creature.

Got Marcus to participate in Garou affairs.

Did not help tensions at new Caern.

Third Game

Found out Icedagger is missing. Found a BSD in a Silver Fang kin house. Met night club owner and the band. Found Wyrm gun fetish. Were given fetishes by Mother Larissa. Noted to Larissa about the food wafer.

Was told “Rose” was doing fine and would be given over to the Black Furies soon.

Second Game
Finished Rite of Passage

Conn Morna, Chrys-anthemum, Edvyn Vance teamed up with Accolon to rid the world of The Narlthus with the help of some Silver Fangs.

Rescued “Rose”

Edvyn Vance reached rank 2

First Game
Rite of Passage

Played through Rite of Passage.
Conn Morna, Edvyn Vance, Chrys-anthemum


The Mine
The Village
The Bane-Ridden

Returned back to Sept Green and Mother Larissa


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